Mykola Ivanovych Korobkov

"I'd like our small city to have the great order"








Volodymyr Petrovych Martynenko

"All the cities, connected with ore mining, unfortunately have pretty short history. I wish our city to have prosperity and well-being, which do not depend on the existence of the ore mining industry"







Valentin Ivanovych Eryomenko

"We should save the beauty of the city of our youth for the next generations"








Victor Oleksiyovych Nizhnichenko

A great part of the city and Poltava mining company was built under his guideness. It was decided to immortalize his name and the school #3 was named after him.









Lyudmyla Ivanivna Bugayevska

"Our city is known and respected for careful attitude to everything that is connected with children and childhood. I wish Komsomolsk to save this quality in future"

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