The tree of life is an ancient symbol of epochs connection.
The connection of past and future through the present.
The museum is the safe for our roots, our sources
that help us to understand the present
for the sake of future

Since the very beginning of the citu of Komsomolsk and "Poltava mining company" people thought how to save their history for the next generations.

In 1967 the board of "Poltava mining company" bought the collection of minerals for the technical school. Then many local minerals were added to the collection.

In 1985 the museum at Komsomolsk technical school was opened. Its collection constantly grew thanks to the group of young archaeologists (the head - S.O. Yeremeev).

In 1990 the "Poltava mining company" museum was opened. Its collection was based on: collection of minerals, materials about the building process of the city and the cobine, the information about the best workers of "Poltava mining company". Afterward the museum got the materials of the pipettings on the territory of "Poltava mining company". The exhibition hall was opened.

On April 15, 1999 the city council decided to create the museum of Komsomolsk. At the same time the board of "Poltava mining company" decided to join their museum with the city one. Thanks to joined efforts a new museum was opened in summer 2000.

The workers of the museum contact with scientists that explore our region. Nowadays "Shylovski chytannya" are held (scientific conferences). The museum organizes special events with new video and photo material shows.

A special cultural-enlightening group is located in the museum building. They take part in all the museum activities and programs. There is a scientific library, the collection of classic music, documentary movies in the museum.

The city museum constantly gathers historical video movies, the movies about outstanding citizens of Komsomolsk to its archive. It has connections with the other museums both within Ukraine and abroad.

The photos with the museum exhibitions and artists' works were given us by the head of the museum Mykola Pavlovych Stahiv. Special thanks!

We invite you to visit oue museum!









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