30 years ago in France the International Board Of Folklore Festivals Organizations (C.I.O.F.F.) was formed. Their motto was "Let's build a world in out heads". Nowadays 102 countries from all over the world are the members of this organization. More than 250 festivals were held in different cities, about 80,000 people take part in them. The closest neighbour of Ukraine - Poland - held its first festival 10 years ago in Vlodav. In several years the first festival was held in Lutsk (Ukraine).

In 1999 Komsomolsk art groups ("Veselka" and "Barvy") took part in Lutsk folklore festival. At the same time the director of city Palace of culture L. Kotovskiy offered Komsomolsk as a place for a new folklore festival "Viburnum summer on the Dnieper". It has become the fifth folklore festival in Ukraine.

The routes of festival parades

I International folklore festival
"Viburnum summer of the Dnieper"
July 24-30, 2000

420 participants
8 counties out of 3 continents

12 art groups took part in this festival: the ensemble of Bilorus songs "Medunitsya" (Zhodino, Bilorus), the youth choreographic ensemble "Sinatle" (Tbilisi, Georgia), the art ensemble "Zhy yin" (Hubey, China), the art ensemble of postoffice workers (Hubey, China), the ensemble of songs and dancing "Molodiy Tortun'" (Tortun', Poland), the dance ensemble "The wild goose chase cloggers" (Minnesota, USA), the folklore ensemble "Iso Ilo" (Oulu, Finland), the youth dance ensemble "Volynyanochka" (Lutsk, Ukraine), the ensemble of songs and dancing "Slavutych" (Kremenchuk, Ukraine), the dance ensemble "Samotsvit" (Kryviy Rig, Ukraine), the folklore ensemble "Veselka" with the orchestra "Barvy" (Komsomolsk).

Besides, 4 art groups (from Brazil, Greece, Russia and Croatia) because of serious reasons could not take part in the festival.

25 TV channels and newspapers were greatly interested with the festival (among them: channels - UT-1, STB, "Ltava"; newspapers - "Uryadoviy kur'er", "Presidentskiy visnyk", "Pravda Ukrayiny", "Diloviy visnyk", "Zorya Poltavshchyny"; radio station "Europa+" etc. TV station "GOK" supplied a live translation of the festival.
Due to the tradition the participants of the festival were given diplomas and presents. Besides a separate competition was held. The spectators had to chose "Miss Festival" and "Mr. Festival".

Now we can say with reliance - the debut was successful. That is why the desire of the festival organizators to hold the festival annually is quite common. We just hope that this desire will also be supported by our co-organizators - the Board of International folklore festival "Polisk summer with folklore", the executive committee of Komsomolsk city council and the board of "Poltava mining company". And as a result this outstanding folklore holiday will lighten the banks of the ancient Dnipro-Slavuta, the former living place of kozaks, for long years.

The participants of the festival:
the dance ensemble "The wild goose chase claggers" (Minnesota, USA)

The youth choreographic ensemble "Sinatle" (Georgia)


II International folklore festival
"Viburnum summer of the Dnieper"
July 9-15, 2001

460 participants
7 countries if Europe

18 art groups took part in the festival: choreographic ensemble "Kruzhaunyzya" (Zhodyno, Bilorus), the song and dancing ensemble "Poyanyza" (Kyshyniv, Moldova), the song and dancing ensemble "Polteks" (Lodz, Poland), the song and dancing ensemble "Kazachyi krug" (Volgogradska region, Russia), thedancing ensemble "Rosiyska kadril" (St.Petersburg, Russia), folklore ensemble "Peresek" (Belgorod, Russia), municipal folklore dancing ensemble (Edyrne, Turkey), the cultural - creative group "Srem" (Yakovo, Yugoslavia), the song and dancing ensemble "Poltava" (Poltava, Ukraine), selfacting ensemble "Malanka" (Poltava, Ukraine), dancing ensemble "Perlynka" (Lubny, Ukraine), folklore ensemble "Dyvyna" (Donezk, Ukraine), vocal ensemble "Dnepryanochka" (Komsomolsk, Ukraine), Ukrainian chorus "Slavutich" (Komsomolsk, Ukraine), the orchestra of national instruments "Barvy" (Komsomolsk, Ukraine), dancing ensemble "Veselka" (Komsomolsk, Ukraine) and guests, duet of Anatoliy Chemelyuh and Myhaylo Grynenko from Globynskiy region, Anton Fedchenko from Lubny and the winner of international competitions and festivals Artem Ahmedov from Kremenchuk (Ukraine).

Their creative activity - we must admit that the groups performed not only on the stage of the House of Culture but also in the streets, at cafes, at the departments of "Poltava mining company", at the health impoving camp "Horisont", in the village of Keleberda - was warmly greeted by the audience, which was noted by the participants themselves.

The distinctive feature of this festival was the fact that it was united together with another great holiday of the city - The Metallurgist Day.

According to the tradition of all international festivals, the best groups are awarded with the Diplomas of I, II and III levels. Komosmolsk had 4 kinds of them: the best song and dancing ensemble, the best vocal-folklore ensemble, the best choreograohic group and the best orchestra group. We also paid attention on the youngest and oldest participants: they were 63 years old Albert Mykolayovych Horoshenkovfrom "Kozachiy crug" and 9 years old Anton Fedchenko from Lubny.

II International festival "Viburnum summer of the Dnieper", held by the Palace of Culture together with Ukrainian section of International council of organizations of folklore festivals and traditional asts (C.I.O.F.F.), the board of "Poltava mining company", the Ministry of culture and art of Ukraine and Komsomolsk city council, was over on July 15, 2001.

The choreographic ensemble "Kruzhaunyza" (Bilorus)

The song and dancing ensemble "Nistreniy" (Moldova)


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